An Analysis of Anger Expressions in The Conjuring 2 movie


  • Teguh Kurniawan
  • Temmy Thamrin
  • Nova Rina


; "> In daily life, as human, people always interact each other in the society. English is an International language which use all over the world. Many people learn to master it because many aspects in modern life can not be separated from English. Nowadays we can find everything is written in English.Without language we can not communicate to each other, because language is important in our life. Language connects people with through communication because communication is the way how people socialize with each other. The purpose is to guarantee effectiveness of communication, one needed to understand others, as in understanding themselves. With and understanding of a person, the used language can recognize various things including their personal condition: biological, emotional, character, intelligence, which underlines his thinking, basic typology of temperament, his talent, his ability, innovation, self-development motives, and others. Besides that language is also used to express someone emotions. In this research the writer only focus to analysis classification of anger expression. In this section, the writer reviews about related literature that relevant to this research in anger expression. There are some of related literatures which has relationship to this study. There are some books and articles related to the topic analysis will describe in concise.The basic of discourse analysis relevant to use in the analysis. “Discourse is the social and cognitive process of putting the world into words, of transforming or perceptions, experiences, emotions, understandings, and desires into a common medium for expression and communication, through language and other semiotic media” Strauss and Feiz (2014:1) . According to Parrot (2001) classifies basic emotions into six first-level emotions: Love, Joy, Surprise, Anger, Sadness and Fear. Emotions classified into ten basic emotions: anger, fright-anxiety, guilt-shame, sadness, envy-jealousy, disgust, happiness-joy, pride, love-affection, and relief. Anger have three general types of anger are aggresive anger, passive anger, asertive anger. Anger can be expressed both verbally and non-verbally. For this study, the writer discuss about anger expression used by characters in The Conjuring 2 movie. In this research, the writer used the qualitative research method to analyze the research data. Qualitative research is used to explore the potential antecedents and factors about which little has been known and explored (Strauss & Corbin, 1998 in Khan, S., 2014). The object of the research is The Conjuring 2 movie. From the movie, it was found there were utterances that express anger expression that are used by the characters. The movie was downloaded from website called IMDb (IMDb 2019). In collecting the data, the writer does some steps. Firstly, the writer watches the movie. Secondly, the writer tried to screenshot the classification of anger expressions and types of anger expressions. Then the writer re-watches the movie to make sure there is no words expression of anger not analyzed. From the movie, it was found anger expressions that used by the character in The Conjuring 2 movie. In this research the writer concluded that how the strategy used in the expression of anger and contexts that influence in The Conjuring 2 movie. The writer used the theory Parrot to classified the emotion. The writer found 4 classified from 6 classified anger and found 16 dialog from 4 classified of anger. They are 1) Irritation there are 11 dialog found in this classified anger 2) Exasperation there are 2 found in this classified anger 3) Rage there are 1 found in this classified 4) Disgust there are 2 found in this classified. Based on the analysis of the classification of anger in The
Conjuring 2 movie, that found there are three types of anger, namely aggressive, passive and assertive anger. In this analysis, writer found the character expressed anger mostly using non-verbal like higher intonation and tone or they do not use literal word. The writer hopes there will be further research and discussion about anger emotion because there are so many aspects of linguistics that can be studied beside anger emotion. The writer suggested that there many ways to express anger emotion beside or directly utterance. The writer also suggested the reader to pay attention more about the variation of anger expression. Since it can improve the reader and the rest of the researchers should analyze the anger emotion in another source not only in the movie but also in novels, short stories, soap operas, theatre etc.
Keywords: Anger expression, Classification of anger expression, type of
anger expression.

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