An Analysis of Category Shifts In San Andreas Movie


  • Ismaweri Ismaweri
  • Diana Chitra Hasan
  • Themmy Thamrin


When a translation translates something there must be a certain purpose or meaning
which is to inform the audience, this applies to expressive texts (feelings) like movies. It is
impossible for a translator to translate something without the existence of a goal that
manifests for the audience who wants to know the purpose of the film. Translation activities
are activities carried out by everyone consciously or unconsciously in everyday life. And
translation activities are never free from language and cultural considerations. This analysis
to analyze the category shifts in the San Andreas movie by Brad Peyton. This is a science
fiction film (Scifi). Scifi is always triggered to develop the imagination. Except the story that
is very dramatic, the concept is very incredible. This movie is not only just for amusement
but there are several value that the producer tried to delivering to the audiences. That is why
researchers chose this film as a source of research data. Purpose of the study are (1) To find
out the types of category shifts that occur in the San Andreas movie. (2) To describe the
category shifts in degrees of meaning equivalence of the source language into the target
According to Catford (1965:20) the translation is a message delivered from the source
language (SL) to the target language (TL) through communication to produce meaning so
that the meaning, information or opinions are the same even though the language is different.
Translator must understand the meaning of the author in the source language, have a lot of
extensive knowledge about the source language (SL) and the target language (TL) to make
good and good translations so that people easily understand the information from the
translator himself. According to Nida (1974: 4), the meaning of equality is the comparison of
texts in various languages including the theory of equality. Equality is a popular problem in
the world of translation, where all people are in a certain group that has the same caste even
though the definitions, meanings, and meanings on the side of translation theory have caused
him to get various problems, and many different concepts of equality concepts explained in
this field for the past 50 years. The degree of equality of meaning itself consists of concepts
called equality. Degrees have the same or similar meaning in the translation. Shifts can occur
in translation that can change the original theory.
In this research, the researcher is using the qualitative method to assist the researcher
to finish this research. The research used the qualitative method because this research focused
on the observation data and the possible reasons how category shifts happen around society.
In research methodology, there is one type of method that can be used to conduct this
research. there are qualitative method. Qualitative method is a scientific method of
observation to collect non-numerical data and descriptive research that tends to use analysis.
Qualitative research is carried out to build knowledge through discovery and understanding in
natural conditions. This method refers to the concept of definition, metaphor, symbol, and
description of something. The technique of collectiongdata is done (1) researcher watched
the movie that is selected as the source of the data then matched the transcription of the
subtitle of the source language in the movie, (2) researcher re-watched the movie by using the
two subtitles; the source language amd the target language that is obtain from subscene (a site
where you can get various kinds of subtitles of the various movies), (3) researcher read the
source text as a whole, (4) researcher translate text per sentence, (5) mark the difficult
vocabulary problems that are difficult to understand, (6) observe the types of translation shifts
found in the film, (7) record all data in accordance with the required category, and then (8)
The final procedure for collecting data is to take notes to collect data.
Based on the results of data analysis and discussion, The writer finds all categories in
data analysis. 65 cases from 51 data. In the structure shift found 23 cases out of 65 cases,
class shift found 11 cases out of 65 cases, unit shift found 21 cases out of 65 cases, and intrasystem shift found 10 cases out of 65 cases. It is clear that the highest frequency found by the
author is a class shift with 23 cases. And the lowest shift frequency found by the writer is
intra-system shift with 10 cases. And The category shifts can cause the degree of meaning
equivalence, and it has two types, which are equivalent meaning and non-equivalent meaning.
Equivalent meaning divided into complete meaning, increased meaning, and decreased
meaning. Meanwhile, non-equivalent meaning divided into different meaning and nomeaning. In this research, the writer into also found the types and sub types. Based on the
analysis that writer has done, complete meaning means the highest frequency with 24 cases
from 66 cases, different meaning with 17 cases, increased meaning with 13 cases, nomeaning with 9 cases, and the last one is decreased meaning with 4 cases. From the previous
explanation the writer concluded that San Andreas translator has a very good quality the
translator able to maintains the messages, the informations. Also the expression of source
language. Very well, so, people can understand the movie easire. All types of category shifts
are found in the movie San Andreas and the shift that occured the degree equivalent.The
equivalent degree of meaning affects the shift that occurs. Shift is an important role in
conveying meaning and information to be good. And shifts that occur due to differences in
structure and grammatical systems. One language to another has its own system that cannot
be mixed with another. The technique of analyzing the data is done (1) Check which data will
be used or not, (2) Make a table and classify data according to each category, and then (3)
Enter data into the table according to the category.
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