Penerapan Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) Dalam Masalah Penentuan Lokasi Fasilitas


  • Hetty Rohayani. AH Jurusan Sistem Komputer , STIKOM Dinamika Bangsa


The Concept of Assist Decision Making Program (Decision Support System), expand rapidly in this time. Various methods used to assist manager in taking decision, especially to choose alternative facility location. Manager had to consider location factor that would results the best alternative facility location. There are various methods to solve facility location problems. Fuzzy clustering is one of the technique to determine optimal cluster in a vector space based on normal Euclidean between vector.  There is some algorithm or method, in clustering that is Fuzzy C-Means and Subtractive Clustering method.  Fuzzy C-Mean is one of the very reliable methods.  Researches process using data input numbers of facility, number of location, rank; maximum iteration and minimum error that expect that will be process to determine facility location using Fuzzy C-Mean method. The goals that want to achieve is applying FCM method to establish optimal location. Because location determination is very important in supporting company development, the mistake in establish location facility will cause bad effect for the company future.






Volume 9, Nomor 2, Juli 2009