Fuzzy Relation Through Sagittal Diagram To Identify Fault Section Of Power System


  • Azriyenni Azriyenni Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Technology, University of Riau
  • Saiful Jamaan Electrical Engineering Departments, Faculty of Industrial Technology, University of Bung Hatta


This paper presents fuzzy relation through sagittal diagram to identify fault section of power system. Sagittal diagram has been constructed using parametric operators to obtain the membership degree of alarm pattern. In power system protection, there are many malfunctions and wrong alarms in protective device operations involve in relays and circuit breakers. The fuzzy relation is used to determine the membership degree and later obtained hamacher’s operator. The possibility of faulted sections are presents a higher membership degree than un-faulted sections. The results show that fuzzy relation can be successfully achieved in fault identification.






Volume 9, Nomor 2, Juli 2009