Perhitungan Biaya Pemakaian Spektrum Frekuensi Radio Untuk Jasa Penyiaran di Indonesia


  • Maria Ulfah Jurusan Teknik Elektronika, Politeknik Negeri Balikpapan


This paper present estimation cost of radio frequency spectrum for broadcasting services (television and radio) by entering parameter adjustment of local area in Indonesia. It is required because the amount of frequency spectrum cost change will be estimated that assuming the initial cost of frequencies use right for broadcasting services without any significant of parameters adjustment. Furthermore, the recalculations carried out by adding a parameter adjustment (A) with comparing the results of frequency calculation cost based on radio station licenses than the average of parameter adjustment (A) value is 0.05 will be obtained. By using parameter adjustment value showed that the increase and decrease of frequency spectrum cost is reasonable to the operator can fulfill its obligations. The implementation of estimation cost of radio frequency spectrum requires a transitional period, 5-year transition period is given in this study, where the cost of the spectrum gradually will be increased.






Volume 15, Nomor 2, Juli 2015