• Rizky Arman
  • Wahyu A. Y.


Four-bar mechanism used in most mechanical equipment to achieve the process or movement. Such mechanisms consist of rods that move relative to one another. To identify displacement and angular velocity of four-bar mechanism in one position, the analysis conducted to identify mechanisms of displacement and velocity throughout the four bars rotating input rod position 3600, graphically it will take a lot of time. For such cases, computer-assisted analytical way is the right way of settlement. The analyzes were performed using the software Matlab (Matrix Laboratory), and establish a mechanism of four bars as a case study research. Simulation is a technique to mimic the operations or processes that occur in a single system with the aid of computer equipment and based on certain assumptions that the system studied scientifically. Controller PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) is one type of regulator that is widely used, the characteristics of each controller P controller I, and D controllers as well as how to use it to get the desired response. The analysis was made on the variation of rotation and crank length, while the dimension of the bar and bar follower circuit is considered permanent. Comparison of angular velocity for varying stem lengths can conclude that if there is a change in input bar length, it will affect the angular velocity. The greater the length of the bar input the angular velocity will be lower.